Define Your Message

Before you can even consider starting your business, you have to know a few things. The first one? Exactly what problem you’re trying to solve. That means you’ve got to select a niche – or a topic “umbrella” that will help you serve your clients best.

It’s definitely true that picking a niche can be the most intimidating part of the entire business model building process. Get this one step wrong, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a disaster where you don’t earn money, you don’t enjoy the work, and you waste an incredible amount of time putting effort into something that won’t pay off.

So it’s vital that you understand the correct elements of picking a niche that pairs passion and profits. There are very few marketers who come into this business without the goal of pursuing their passion.

But you hear so much static online about money that sometimes, it seems like passion takes a backseat so that you can focus on money and take the financial pressure off.

“Someday,” you think, “I’ll make enough money at this that I can then do something I love.”

Why wait?

You can start off on the right foot from the very beginning and not have to start from scratch one day with a new niche and a new dream.

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