Can you turn a blog into a career? YES! In this video, I’ll explain how to make money online with your blog. Truth? I tell everyone they need a blog, and I’ve got good reason for it. Blogging is the center of your online business. You own your blog – you don’t own your YouTube channel or your Facebook page – not really. Blogging is also something you can do anytime – in the morning before work, on your lunch hour, after work and on the weekends. Then when it becomes profitable, you can use it to replace your current income and begin blogging fulltime. When you choose this path, you have much more personal satisfaction in your blogging career. Blogging is a real business when you start pursuing it for financial reasons. Yes, it gives you much in terms of happiness – but when you’re making money doing something you love, it’s very rewarding. You have to treat this like a business from the very start. If you start blogging haphazardly, then your readers will recognize that it’s an amateur site. Yes, some will become fans anyway – but others want to know they’re following a leader in whatever niche you choose to blog about.